Van Garderen Ranch

In 1999 we emigrated from the Netherlands to Canada together with our three children. We began farming north of Picture Butte, Alberta in 2001, and in a couple years were able to begin growing grass seed. As time went on, we started to think about different ideas and approaches for our family farm which would allow us to bring a diverse aspect to growing our crops. During these years we were blessed with five more children, who are all very involved in the family farm. Our farm consists of both cattle and various crops. We feed baby Holstein calves for a custom feedlot and graze yearlings on our own grass fields. Growing up in the Netherlands, we were familiar with windmills. Although for a while they lost their purpose due to an increase in technology, they have regained popularity with the health-conscious and environmental-enthusiasts alike. Hearing this, we purchased a small stone mill and are now able to provide fresh stone-milled flour to our Southern Alberta community.